Monday, April 15, 2013

Packing Up!

Ginger and Twink want to walk on the foam. Bad idea!
      We are preparing to leave for the Outer Banks and there won't be room in the Jeep for three dogs, our stuff and all the paintings I want to take down with us.  So, I am shipping the largest one in one of my Airfloat StrongBoxes.  I have mentioned these before and they sure make shipping paintings easy.  I have three and they are all well traveled.  I can't believe my first one is still in circulation!  These are lined, puncture proof boxes.  The painting lies on a bed of foam like you see on the right side of the photo and the middle layer of foam is perferated so you can create an opening to cradle whatever size painting you are shipping.  You can tell by the mosaic of foam surrounding this painting that I have used this box for various size paintings before.  The last step is to place the top layer of foam over the painting and close the box. I will Fed Ex it to myself at the OBX and then just Fed Ex the empty box back home.  Nice.
     Lucky was off sleeping on his favorite chair but Ginger and Twinkle were just waiting for an opportunity for me to turn around so they could jump in the box and walk around on the foam.  Twink is quick and I plucked her off the painting before her weight could do any damage.  You might be able to tell from her expression that she was just chastised.
     Since space in the Jeep will be tight I am glad my new Cigar Box sized Pochade Box arrived in time.  I can get everything in my backpack and it is still a comfortable weight for me to carry. I hope I remember to bring my card reader so I can post from the beach.  I am bringing 8 panels with me and hope to fill them all!

Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm in an Outer Banks State of Mind

"Blue Heaven", 30x40 oil on canvas
     It is after 9:00 PM and I still have the windows open.  There is a balmy breeze after a day of 80 degree + temperatures and it would seem we are going from winter directly into summer.  The pears, cherries and plums are late to bloom this year but they made up for that in the last 24 hours.  It is wonderful right now and adding to the delight is my countdown to our departure to the Outer Banks next week.

     Today I finished the painting I started several posts back but as I stare at it there are a couple of minor things I want to tweak.  This painting will be heading to North Carolina along with another next week.  I couldn't make up my mind about the title.  First I thought "Carolina Blue" because that is the blue that Carolinians consider theirs (think University of NC team colors) but today I leaned towards "Blue Heaven".  I may flim flam.

      In preparation for what I hope will be 10 days of plein air painting I ordered some really light weight gear.  I love my French half box which I wheel to most locations but for this trip I want something light that will fit in a back pack.  I selected the newly redesigned Guerilla Painter Cigar Box pochade box.  It is only 2 lbs.  It has a universal mount installed so I can mount it on my light weight tripod.  I also ordered an adapter for 6x8 inch panels.  Judson's in Colorado has a great selection and they are the originators of the Guerilla Painter brand.  They even have Handy Porter wet painting carriers in 6x8 inches!  My Farmhouse series has gotten me hooked on those little panels.
      Speaking of the Farmhouse series.....I haven't forgotten about it.  March was just very repetitive and I have enought winter scenes for this series.  The skies were wonderful and worth painting but I already had enough of those.  I have been waiting for spring.  I showed you the only early spring Farmhouse painting some posts back.  Finally there will be more as the trees are beginning to show those light colors that look so good against the bright blue skies.  I hope to pull off a couple before we leave.

      ON EXHIBIT at the Art League Gallery this month is this small plein air painting from last summer, "Waiting to Sail".  I painted it in June at the Washington Sailing Marina on Daingerfield Island. I hope these bright, warm paintings get you in the mood for this wonderful season!
"Waiting to Sail" 9x12 oil on linen panel