Sunday, December 27, 2015

Winter ????

"The Willard Hotel, Winter Night" 9x12 oil on panel
     I have been off the grid for about a month busy with the holidays, a large family and my menagerie. However, the painting continues if not my blogging and Facebook postings. We have been having an extraordinary December here in Washington and I am loving the springlike weather. I know there are those wishing for cold and snow more appropriate to the season.  I am not in that camp! BUT, when it comes to winter paintings a little snow can be an asset. Back on October 11th I posted a little painting called "Willard Hotel Nocturne" which was a memory from a balmy summer night. The painting above is also a memory as any snow this December could only exist in the mind :-) My husband and I have spent many a pleasant evening dining at the Willard Hotel the front of which sparkles all winter. This beautifully restored Washington landmark is full of history and for me, wonderful memories. So here is the Willard on a snowy, slushy night.
This painting as well as those from the October 11th post have all found new homes. Perhaps the buyers have good memories of their own.

       The little painting below, which I painted last week, is much more in keeping with the weather we have been experiencing.The night was warm, rainy and a little foggy. I experimented with a different, limited palette. I used Indigo, Cadmium Turquoise, Alizarin Crimson, Yellow Ochre and White. I used a palette knife, a credit card and a one inch bristle brush to paint this as I wanted to keep it loose.
"Rainy Night on the Potomac" 8x8 oil on linen panel