Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Salmagundi Club Award!

"Market Street Lights" 12x16 oil on panel
    It is not everyday that I receive an honor such as this so please understand how very happy I am to announce that "Market Street Lights" received the Salmagundi Club Award in the current exhibit "Urban Life".  Happy is an understatement, ecstatic is more like it!  Sadly I could not be there to accept the award but spoke with a fellow Salmagundian before the reception so she could accept for me and express my sentiments.  I was short on both time and money and the snowy deep freeze we have been in further complicated a trip to NYC. At the end of this post I will add my second painting in this show, "Leaving Philly".

   Speaking of the deep freeze.....Usually at this time of year we enjoy some unseasonable warmups to remind us that spring is around the corner.  Last year during this week I was painting along the Potomac in Georgetown peeling off layers as the hours went by.  It was a wonderful day to be out painting.  No such luck this year and the forecast is for more of the frigid weather. I am eager to get back out and paint and might steel myself for an attempt with fellow members of the Washington Society of Landscape Painters next week. I can promise you whatever I manage to create will be small and executed very quickly!
      So here is the second painting in the "Urban Life Exhibit" at the Salmagundi Club www.salmagundi.org.

"Leaving Philly" 11x14 oil on panel