Thursday, June 28, 2018

"Indigo Sky" oil on panel, 30x30

      I have been absent since January as the business of painting and exhibiting those paintings has taken precedence over my online presence.  Life has thrown some curves since the beginning of 2018 but the painting goes on if not my posting.

       This is my most recent studio painting and was completed two weeks ago.  I am back on the nocturne kick as I just love them!  I keep experimenting with night shades and I particularly like the palette in this one.  I was strict in using just Indigo, Alizarin Crimson, Yellow Ochre and white. What beautiful colors you can mix with those! A limited palette has the advantage of making it easy to mix up another batch of the same color.

       What is next from the studio? Well, I am thinking another nocturne :-)

       An annual celebration of our nations capitol. Paintings will be on exhibit from June 9th to September 22nd 2018.  I have three paintings in this exhibit including the one below.
"March Rain" oil on panel. 24x20