Monday, July 17, 2017

Back to the City

"Summer Rain, Pennsylvania Avenue" 30x30 oil on panel
     I have enjoyed painting and sketching outdoors again and have some good studies to put to use but I am feeling compelled to return to the studio and paint the city.
    I am working larger for now and I find the square format helps create some strong compositions. My favorite panels are not available larger than 20x24 and no squares larger than 12x12 but Ampersand will cut any size Gessoboard I request! I have been adapting to the different surface and I find I like it very much when I give it more tooth by applying additional layers of gesso both with a roller and with a brush. Good to know it is such a strong, archival substrate, the only drawback is the weight. I will most likely not go larger than 36x36.

     ON THE EASEL....I am working on a 32.5x32.5 painting titled "Key Bridge Nocturne". So far so good but it still has a little way to go. I am still experimenting so we shall see.......

     ON EXHIBIT.....I have four paintings on view at the Delaplaine Center in Frederick MD (well three, because one sold) and you can see some photos of that show in my last post.
      ON THE HORIZON....The Washington Society of Landscape Painters will have a plein air exhibit at the Athenaeum in Old Town Alexandria, VA and it will open November 1st and extend until December 31st. I will be the coordinator for that exhibit.