Monday, August 21, 2017

Another Nocturne

"Key Bridge Nocturne, 32,5x32.5 oil on panel
        Summer is entirely too enticing to spend indoors so I have been silent here on my blog preferring to squeeze every moment from this wonderful season,  We have had a wet summer which has enhanced the lush greenery of this region and when combined with the notorious Washington heat it has helped create some wonderful atmospheres.  One such night is what inspired this painting.

         The air was moist and heavy and the colors from the city lights reflected back up through that atmosphere. There was a shimmer and sense of movement in the sky. I painted this on a panel larger than I usually use and it was a great opportunity to use a variety of tools.  There was a lot of brushing, rolling, scraping and dragging.  I let accidents lead me along instead of correcting them and they helped create an interesting surface.  Sometimes it is best not to stick slavishly to the original plan.  If I see something good I go with it. I think that if the painting is exciting for me to paint then perhaps that will translate into the image. I was enjoying this one so much that I was in danger of overworking it.  I put it out of sight for a week, took it out and corrected a couple of things and declared it finished!
          I hope you enjoy it!