Thursday, January 4, 2018

Remembering Warmer Days

"The Bishop's Garden", 12x12 oil on panel
    Back in September I spent a week painting at different locations around Washington DC. The weather was perfect! Sunny, warm with a cooling breeze and it was an absolute joy to be outdoors painting on my own with no time restraints. I thought I would like to post some paintings from that week and bring a little warmth to those of us in the deep freeze.  Currently the wind is howling outdoors, there is snow on the ground and temperatures are plummeting to the single digits. BRRRR

     The painting above was painted at Washington's National Cathedral from the lawn overlooking the Bishop's Garden on the south side of the cathedral.  The late summer garden was dominated by blue flowers with a good deal of gray green foliage to compliment them. I loved the warmth of the building contrasting with the cool of the garden.

     The two paintings below were painted in the gardens of Tudor Place, a mansion surrounded by acres of land in the middle of Georgetown in DC. There were so many wonderful things demanding to be painted that I will have to return in the spring. I chose to work small using my pochade box instead of my French easel as it is easier to move around. As it turned out I planted myself in one spot first looking to my left at the rear of the mansion to paint the ancient boxwoods and then I turned right to paint the late blooming roses and pergola in the rose garden. Turns out it was a smart move as both of these paintings are currently on view at AMERICAN PAINTINGS FINE ART in DC for the annual SMALL TREASURES EXHIBIT. All works must be no larger than 9x12 so these easily qualified.  Gardens are a joy!
"Rose Garden, Tudor Place", 6x8 oil on panel

"Boxwoods, Tudor Place", 8x8 oil on panel