Thursday, August 25, 2016

Chasing the Light

"Illuminated Trees"8x10 oil on panel

My vantage point.

     Chasing the light is a common phrase heard from plein air painters. It is a challenge! All summer I have been admiring the evening sunlight as it hits those trees at the edge of the woods behind my house. I kept promising myself I would paint it but the intense heat wave we have been experiencing this month kept me from doing so. Finally, the night before last we had a cool, breezy break in the weather and I didn't hesitate.
     I started painting around 6:15 and finished at 7:30.  I took the bottom photo before adding some warm tones to the dark tree trunk on the far right. I wanted to be sure to get the photo while the light was still strong on the trees.
     These little studies are great lessons in seeing and getting down the important stuff. The small format is perfect for this. I have been keeping my pochade box set up right inside the door so I can get out and paint at a moments notice. There is quite a bit to see in my own little world just off the deck.