Thursday, December 21, 2017

Something Had to Give!

"Silver Morning" 60x48 oil on line Commissioned Painting
        I haven't posted in months! This has not been for lack of something to say or due to a lull in production.  Quite the contrary.  This fall I went into over drive with preparations for five shows, a large commissioned painting, a week long plein air event and all the rest of the stuff of life that all of us have to deal with.  Like many artists I do my own framing, packing and publicity.  Something had to go if I was going to honor my deadlines and that something was my blog and social media.  Even that small change took some of the pressure off. The good news is the commission was a success and the paintings arrived on time to the shows, the bad news is nobody heard about it. Hmmmm.

      So, I will at least document some of the work and events in this post and some upcoming ones. The painting posted here is the one commissioned by a couple from North Carolina who already own two of my paintings. I was thrilled with the request particularly since the subject was my beloved Outer Banks. All they asked was that the palette be muted greens, bright grays and white and that the size be 60x 48. I did four 8x10 studies and let them choose the one to work from. I gave them the study along with the painting.
       The last two studies are currently on view in the 109th Thumb Box exhibit at the Salmagundi Club, 47 5th Avenue, NYC!

"Silver Morning" study 8x10 oil on panel
"Low Cloud" study 8x10 oil on panel
"Aftermath" study 8x10 oil on panel
"Edge of the Storm" study 8x10 oil on panel

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