Saturday, March 3, 2012

Back to Painting

"A Favorite Spot" (in progress) 12x16 oil on linen panel
      Well, it is Saturday and as promised I got back to work today as a painter and put some of the business behind me.  At least for a little while. 
I was going to start something new that I could do in one session because I have had trouble getting back into the three paintings I have already started.  Instead I found myself lured by the colors and light in this painting of two of my fellow Art League Plein Air Painters at work along the Potomac.  Back in the fall I posted some paintings that had been painted at Wide Water along the Potomac in Maryland.  This is the spot where they were painted and these were two of my companions.  I will most likely finish it tomorrow.

      Last evening I had fun watching the auction at the Salmagundi Club that I have been going on about in the last couple of posts. I knew it could be followed online at Live Auctioneers but I did not know that the actual, live auction would be viewable.   "Primal"was lot #54 and the hammer came down on the final bid which was an online bid.  I found out today that the bid was from Los Angeles and the bidder was a woman I had gone to high school with and have connected with in recent years.  That made the sale REALLY special!  Mickie, I am so glad it is going to be living with you!
"Primal" SOLD!
       Yesterday I told you all about the project Isabelle Garbani is going to install in April at the Chenlong Wetlands in Taiwan.  I want to give you another link for her where you can read about the project and also an email address so you can arrange to send her plastic bags if you are so inclined.  I think the more places the bags come from the better as it really underscores the global aspect of this.  The link is If you would like to email  Isabelle and find out how and where to ship bags to her please contact her at   She needs a lot of bags before she leaves on April 12th!

COMING UP;  Next Sunday, March 11th at 2:00 P.M. "Through the Arch" hits the block at the next Salmagundi Club auction.  I look forward to watching and I hope it does well!

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