Monday, March 19, 2012

Look Who's Coming to Breakfast!

Along the deer track on the dune after sunrise
      Here we are back in Duck on the Outer Banks.  Just after dawn this morning I looked out and we had company stopping by in time for coffee:)  Happily I had my camera nearby but just as I was about to snap the best picture, the deer silhouetted against the rising sun, my battery went dead.  Of course it did!  I moved as quickly and quietly as possible back in the house to unearth a fresh battery and made it back in time to capture a couple of more images.  Too bad it was so gray out. We have had two days worth of heavy fog  which lifts briefly and then there is a white out. Actually, I'm not complaining because it was a great excuse to lie around read and watch old movies.  I really needed a break but now I am getting the itch to start painting again.  The fog lifted enough for a sunset tonight and I think the forcast is good for tomorrow.  If not I brought a painting with me that I can finish indoors.  I'll keep you posted!

A misty sunset on Currituck Sound tonight


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