Friday, March 30, 2012

Painting from the Netherlands Carillon

"Tulip Time in Washington" 11x14 oil on linen panel
      Today I painted with some fellow ALPAPs
(Art League Plein Air Painters) at the Netherlands Carillon in Arlington Virginia.  The Carillon,which was a gift to the USA from the Netherlands, tops a hill with a magnificent view of Washington. To the right of the Carillon is Arlington National Cemetary and to the left is the Marine Corp Memorial with the famous Iwo Jima sculpture. 
       We turned in circles trying to decide what to paint and in the end we all chose the same view.  Although the weather was not what was promised (when is it ever?) we weren't as disppointed with the cloudy day as we first thought.  The tulips were at their peak and the colors were much richer in this light than they would have been on a sunny day.  The sky was interesting with the light piercing through the clouds so I got right to that so it wouldn't be lost.  If the morning had turned sunny I would have had to change it all.  I was surprised how quickly this one came together.  Donnie Seale, who is one of our painters, works nearby so he stopped by on his lunch hour to see how we were doing.  I had just hit a snag as I was putting in the tulips and I was glad to have Donnie there to help me decide where I was going.  It all flowed once I decided on the brightness of the flowers.  Thanks Donnie!
        Three of us finished just as a very soft rain started but David soldiered on.  It was one of those pleasant rains even though it was pretty chilly.  I hope I can get the photos of everyone's paintings uploaded here.  I have had trouble with that in the past so here goes....

Painting by Lynn Mehta
Margaret Huddy (aka Margaret Hoodie)
David Diaz pondering

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