Monday, June 11, 2012

Another for the Salmagundi Club

"After the November Nor'Easter" 16x20 oil on linen
   "Everyone Talks About the Weather, but Only Artist's Do Something About It" 
     That is the title for the upcoming exhibit of member's paintings at the Salmagundi Club in NYC. I love it!  I have had this painting sitting in my studio since 2011 because I haven't found the right venue for exhibiting it.  This is perfect!  I thought all the member exhibits were over at the Club until the renovations are completed in the fall but this one is being squeaked in before the gallery has to be closed.  The show will be on view from Monday June 18 through Saturday, July 7th.  I need to get to Fed Ex with this thing tomorrow morning!  Receiving is the 15th and 16th so I am getting it off at the 11th hour. 

     The painting depicts the aftermath of a real whopper of a Nor'Easter on the Outer Banks of NC last November. The beach cleaning vehicles were making their way up the beach which actually had a lot more debree than I have pictured here.  I loved the shell colors of the sky as it began to clear.  The palette is much quieter than my usual one but it best defined the scene.  I wondered today what the result would be if I kept the same values but with my juiced up palette.  Would it still work.  I think I will take a stab at it on one of my small panels just to see what happens.  Also check out The Salmagundian online which is a blog/journal of member's activities and those of the Club in general.  I am on the "tagged" page standing in front of my paintings at the Ratner Museum.  I think it is great to have this so members get to put a face to the names we see on paintings  Particularly those of us who are non resident members.

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