Sunday, June 17, 2012

Busy Weekend

"Waiting to Sail" 11x14 oil on linen panel
    Here is the finished painting that you can see me creating in the last post.  I was at the Washington Sailing Marina on Daingerfield Island and I think this gives you a pretty good idea of how perfect the day was.  I usually prefer the light of early morning and evening but this kind of brilliant sunlight and bright blue and white skies reflecting on water is a thrill to paint as well!  We are entering that time of year when most of our daytime skies are "vanilla skies" due to the heat and humidity common to this area.  Days like this are a joy for those of us who like to paint outdoors.

I also intended to upload the finished painting I did with my mare Gypsy in the field but apparently I never photographed it.  It is too dark to do it well now so I will shoot it tomorrow and upload it then.  The day was much like this one and the light that day was spectacular as well.

      Today for Father's Day our son Chris arranged a special tour for us at the Newseum where he is a Broadcast Tech.  If you live in the DC area and haven't been there yet put it on your list!  The building itself is spectacular and to see everything there would take more than one visit.  Chris gave us an overview and behind the scenes tour.  The real, behind the scenes control center is mind boggling and if you have been there and know how much of this is interactive and computer generated then you might have an inkling of what you might expect in the control room.  I am really impressed that my son understands all that and can trouble shoot and repair the exhibits.  Yes, I am bragging, it makes me proud and happy that he has a career that he enjoys so much and I am glad that he spends his days in an environment like this.
      Below are some photos I took from the 6th floor terrace.  The views of Washington are wonderful!

The National Gallery of Art, directly across from the Newseum
I guess you know what building that is:)
The view up Pennsylvania Ave. with the Old Post Office Building

I noticed when I took this photo that there is a large banner at the entrance of the NGA announcing the George Bellows exhibit.  I love his paintings and will have to come back down to see them.

In the photo of the Capitol you can see the work that is being done on the I.M Pei East Building of the National Gallery.  The marble facade is being replaced due to problems with the original bonding material.  Marble panels were falling off!

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