Sunday, June 3, 2012

Artist's Reception for "Landscapes and Other Visions"

Me in front of my paintings at today's opening reception
    What a gorgeous day today was!  I am sure Queen Elizabeth would like to have exchanged weather with us and that may have worked to the advantage of both of us:)  I can't imagine anyone wanting to be indoors today as the the temperatures, light and colors outdoors were nothing short of spectacular.  Happily a fairly large amount of people gave up the sunny afternoon to come spend it with the nine of us who were exhibiting our work at the Ratner Museum.  I wish London could have had a day like this as the flotilla on the Thames was a once in a lifetime, extraordinary event.  As an artist I really felt for the photographers and painters there to capture it but it certainly didn't dampen the spirit and joy of the people.  Congratulations UK!

      Back to our big day.....It was a pleasure.  Good friends joined me to celebrate and I could not have asked for a better group of artists to exhibit with.  Thank you to Tom Roberts who is always there to support me and always has his camera ready!  He took lots of photos that I haven't seen yet and was kind enough to take this one with my camera while I was being introduced.  He knew I would want to do a post this evening.
       I only had time to get off a couple of shots before people started to arrive and then I left the job to Tom. The photo below captures Jane and Marilyn with Stella setting up the buffet table.  Behind them you can see three of Alexia Scott's paintings and off to the right one of Judy Gilbert Levy's.
      The great thing about having an exhibit like this is it is a real boost and makes me want to rush back to my brushes!  My latest direction, as shown in these paintings, was very well received and that feedback is SO encouraging.  There are enough downs in this business that it is energizing to be riding one of the ups!  Bear with me:) New work to come!

Exhibiting Artists Jane Hahler and Marilyn Falik with Ratner Museum Director Stella Bernstein

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