Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hickory Bridge Farm

Hickory Bridge Farm, 9x12 oil on gessoboard
     On Monday I talked about the weekend I spent painting in Fairfield PA at both Willow Pond Lavender Farm and Hickory Bridge Farm.  The latter was where some of us stayed but the workshop was at Willow Pond.  I was the first to arrive on Friday and deliberately drove up early because I was hoping there would be a painting opportunity at the farm.  After I checked in I went out walking and decided on this view down from the B&B.  The side entrance to the B&B is up those steps and onto the porch.  The larger building is where we had our welcome dinner and it is a converted barn.  The farm is a working farm that has been in the same family for 180 years.  The five children of a country doctor run the operation now.  It is a wonderful place to unwind.  Bobbi is thinking of holding another workshop here in the fall. If she does I am in!

I stood here under a shade tree next to the cool stream to paint
   The sun was brilliant one minute and hidden behind clouds the next.  There was a brief shower but not enough to budge me from my comfortable spot especially since the painting was well underway. That situation changed as I was close to completing the painting.  Suddenly the skies darkened, the thunder rolled and I knew I had a very brief time to gather my gear.  Standing under that large tree was not the best place to be under the circumstances so I really got moving.  I made it through the door just as the skies opened up and gave us a good downpour.

I took this shot just before I had to run for it.  It was just short of finished.
The foot bridge to where I was painting
Here are a couple more images of the farm.  Maybe you will want to visit:) 

As I mentioned in the Monday post the workshop is worth a several blog posts.  My next post (which probably won't be until Friday) will start off with the morning painting at Willow Pond Farm.  I am pleased with all four of the paintings I did last weekend and just wish I hadn't run out of frames.  Honestly, I order a bunch at a time but this time I didn't order enough of the larger ones.  I have a good number of 8x10 frames but lately I am preferring 11x14.  Fortunately I have a 9x12 left for this painting of Hickory Bridge Farm and I think it will end up on the wall of the Bin Gallery at the Art League next week.

One of many comfortable places to settle in at the B&B
There were 20 of us for dinner in the converted barn.  What a meal!
A short walk back to the Inn and a good nights sleep!

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